Frequently Asked Questions

Usually we talk via e-mail to start. If you'd like to, we can meet in person or talk on the phone. We talk in detail about the project and we sign a contract. After I get a deposit, I start drafting ideas. I present to you my first concepts, and you tell me what you'd like to change or see differently. After we're happy with the outcome and I have your approval, we send to print or deliver the final files!
I require a 50% deposit of the total before I start working on most projects. The remaining 50% is given the day the final invoice is rendered. If we decide to work hourly, I can bill either at the end of the week or end of the month, depending on what we agree upon. I accept Credit and Debit cards, as well as PayPal. These services include a small transaction fee. If you'd like to waive this fee, I also accept Chase Quickpay, checks and cash.
No. I can't afford to work for free, or for exposure. I think it's disrespectful to any artist and devalues their work. As for bartering, there's no accurate way to compare value in order to be fair to both parties. I don't like bartering because I'm exchanging actual hours of work and experience for something I don't want or wouldn't have asked to barter for in the first place.
We can print them again, but at their regular printing price, not for free. Macky Designs is not responsible for any errors in printing after the proof has gotten the client's approval. The client has several opportunities to check for spelling or accuracy of design before the product is printed, and while the designer tries their best to be accurate, they often rely on copying given text they otherwise would not have any knowledge of (E.g. addresses, phone numbers, names).
Yes. I am available if you'd like me to become your business or project's freelance Graphic Designer or Writer. I can only work as a freelancer, but let me know what the position would entail so we can discuss it. If you find yourself with a few variable projects monthly, I can charge hourly and bill monthly.
Unfortunately I can't commit to work full-time for one company because I'm a freelancer. I can work on a project-to-project basis or part-time. We can definitely work on recurring projects but I usually need to know my client's deadlines before I can commit to them.
Of course! I've worked long distance with my clients before. We can Skype, chat, call or e-mail. We will find a comfortable way to communicate and make our projects work regardless of where you are. Just remember I am on Eastern Standard Time!
Depends on the photo. Did you purchase it? If so, we need to check the license terms. I can't use a random photo found on the internet because they might have a copyright, and we wouldn't want to commit copyright infringement. The images we can use have to be of public domain, purchased or taken by us. If anything provided to the designer is not legally acquired, Macky Designs is not responsible for the consequences.
My contract is usually made with you, my client. The client has an obligation to pay regardless of when a third party decides to pay. I understand this can happen, but please communicate these terms before our final invoice is rendered. Thank you!

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