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Everything you never knew you always wanted.

Congratulations! You must be getting married soon! or maybe it's your birthday? Oh, I know, I got this... you're HAVING A BABY! No? Ok, sorry about that one. Then you must be planning an event for someone else. Wait, are you writing or putting together a book?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I can design something special for you. Macky Designs can help you plan and print your whole event, from the tickets and invitations, to actual party decorations!

The possibilities are endless. If you like planning events, (or are an actual event planner!) we can work together to make creative items for your party.

If you are a photographer, or just recently got your wedding, engagement, baby or family photos and would like to invest in a photo-book, let's talk! I've designed many coffee-table books for clients and believe me, we never print them until they LOVE it. And they usually do.

Finally, being a writer without a designer, or letting your editor handle the design just tends to lead to disaster. Your book is your creation, and you should have a say in how it looks. So let's design it together!

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