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That catchy text on things you sell, and its adaptation in Spanish

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Copywriting, (not to be confused with "Copyright") is one of the most important things for marketing and advertising, right after design. You can have amazing design, but if the words don't work, your project might flunk.

So you've hired someone to build your website and now they left you with plenty of "Lorem ipsum" or dummy text to go around. This is where we can sit down and talk about your brand, in order to come up with a voice that your customers can relate to. Like this one you're listening to right now in your brain. Spooky, I know.

Macky Designs offers many types of creative writing and content for social media, advertising and the web, not to mention product descriptions, slogans, and even poetry, if you're into it.

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Claro que mi mercado general es en Inglés, pero obviamente todos mis servicios los ofrezco en Español también---I mean, of course my general market is in english because of my location, but I offer all my services in Spanish too. Also because of my location and background. If you'd like to adapt your services to the Hispanic market, you've come to the right place.

You see, translating isn't about finding a definition on Google Translate. It's about adapting a message in the words of its recipient. The Hispanic market also isn't just one country. It's a whole bunch of them, and they all speak differently. You can trust that we will find the right words to communicate your message, be it in English, o en Español.

I have written bilingual content for many different advertising campaigns directed to the Latin American market in North and South America. Some of these projects were led by brands such as HBO, Comcast, JCPenney Latino, Dewar's White Label, Volkswagen, Regions Bank, & Baptist Health South Florida among others.

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