Ready-made is easy. Custom-made is worth it.

Graphic Design

Start anew and rebuild the way you present yourself. Tired of templates, and boring images that don't represent you? Let's work together to visualize your own essence.

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Copywriting & Translating

Find your brand's voice, or let me channel the one you already found. Trying to expand to the Hispanic market? We don't just translate: we adapt the message to your audience.

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Etsy Shop

Looking for a gift? Custom items, witty greeting cards, inspirational posters and downloadable printables are available for purchase at the Macky Designs Etsy Shop!

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Design is that big part of our life we don't normally pay attention to. It's there when you wake up and look at a screen. It's there when you have breakfast and glance at product labels. It's there when you turn on the TV and ads come on, it's also on newspapers and magazines. It's on that wedding invitation, on that fitness brochure, even on the pattern of your nail file. It's something we grew so accustomed to that we don't even realize its influence on our mental health and our daily decisions.

Remember when you were playing The Sims™, and your little virtual people would get inexplicably sad whenever they entered a boring, dark, lifeless room? Well guess what, we are those little people, entering endless rooms being bombarded with images and information. I'm just here to help you convey your message in a clear, flowing way that makes everyone that encounters it get a little +10 added to their happiness bar.

Let's make your vision a reality.

Miami Greeting Card Design

Send your overall project info, tell me about your deadline and what you're looking to achieve. Do you want to meet in person? Or maybe you prefer to Skype? I'll take you through my process so we can adapt to your needs, get an accurate quote and set up a contract. What's holding you back?